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CAx Quality Manager

More time to develop

for Siemens NX

Are you familiar with these challenges?

  • Efficiency: Your development spends valuable time on compliance and yet preventable errors create iteration loops in the development process.

  • Deadline compliance: Minor changes or avoidable errors with major effects in the follow-up process endanger the ability to meet deadlines.

  • Norming and standardization:  Again and again, additional costs are generated in the follow-up processes due to the fact that existing standard parts, equipment or tools were not used during development.

  • No solution in sight: There are only a few solutions on the market which usually require a large and cost-intensive service effort to adapt to your company.

Our solution for your success!

The DOCUFY CAx Quality Manager provides over 400 best practice checks, can be used within 2 days and is fully integrated into NX from Siemens.

90-day package at a fixed price: 3'245.- CHF, excl. VAT.

* Valid for installations within Switzerland

  • 90 days unlimited company-wide use of all testing routines and functions

  • Competent advice on compliance with guidelines from design, production, assembly and procurement

  • Development of workflow strategies based on years of experience with existing customers

  • Evaluation of your savings potential based on your processes, data and CAx/PLM system landscape

  • Specific knowledge of the Swiss market environment through our consultants

  • One contact person for all aspects of NX

Here's what you can expect...

  • Conversion of the temporary licence into a permanent licence with purchase of DOCUFY CAx Quality Manager

  • Seamless continuation of work after the 90 days have expired

  • Quick productivity of the DOCUFY CAx Quality Manager without further consulting expenses

What happens after the test phase...

Procedure of the Test phase...

  • Forming a project team consisting of your project manager and one of our experienced consultants

  • Joint implementation of the installation and basic customizing

  • Development of meaningful criteria for the evaluation of the test phase

  • Mapping of the company's internal guidelines in test routines

  • Focus on core task through automatic repair functions (layers, etc.)

  • Reduction of manual inspection efforts

  • Better reusability through higher data quality

  • Consistently high data quality as a basis for follow-up processes and digitalisation projects

  • Faster training of new & external employees

Use in practice...

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